Terms & Conditions

Please take note of the following:

1. Use of this website implies an acceptance of the terms and conditions below, as well as any agreement bound by them.

2. SWOP AND STAY grants a limited, revocable license to all registered members to use this website in compliance with the terms and conditions.

3. 20 FREE swop tokens will be allocated to your account when joining as a member of SWOP AND STAY.

4. Swop tokens cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.

5. Minimum requirements

Prospective members must:

  • be the owner of a fully operational guest accommodation business;
  • preferably have a website (a professional one-page website can be developed at a nominal fee negotiated with the SWOP AND STAY administrator); and
  • pay the required membership fees, which apply for one calendar year.
  • Own or manage a Guest Establishment listed on one or more accommodation booking platforms e.g Booking.com, NightsBrigde, Lekkeslaap ect.
6. Quality control policy

SWOP AND STAY is not involved with quality grading and, while members fulfil the minimum requirements to join, the onus is on the guest to ensure that the establishment complies with their own personal standards. Complaints about star grading should be directed to the Tourism Grading Council.

7. Members have the right to free accommodation at any of the registered establishments in exchange for one swop token per person per night at a time suitable to the host.

8. Registered owners undertake to make their establishments available to bona fide members with available swop tokens, at a time suitable to the host.

9. Although a host is under no obligation to accept a booking request, once a swop is accepted and confirmed, it constitutes a legally binding contract that must be honoured by the host and may not be cancelled unless agreed upon by both parties.

10. Should a host renege on above clause, he/she should pay for and arrange suitable alternative accommodation for such member.

11. Should a guest confirm a booking and not show up, applicable swop tokens will be forfeited and the host will be entitled to charge the guest, as the room could have been sold to paying guests.

  • Cancellation must be arranged with the host personally, and the host must agree to the cancellation.
  • Only the host can cancel the booking online.
  • No cancellations allowed within 5 days prior to arrival date, to be fair to both host and guest.
  • No-shows will forfeit tokens and potentially be liable for a room charge from the host, as the room could have been sold to a paying guest.
  • Within 2 days of arrival, no token reversal may take place, as the system has allocated such to the host.

12. Only the registered member, or his appointed representative (specify name clearly), can make a booking.

13. Swop tokens may be used to make a booking for family, friends, or a staff member by the member or his/her appointed representative, subject to clause 4 above, insofar as such booking is made as a gift and no money is received therefor.

14. The host is eligible to hold guests responsible for any damages or misconduct by themselves or sponsored guests, and registered members accept full responsibility in such event.

15. SWOP AND STAY is exempt from any responsibility with regards to any damages accrued by a host or a guest during a swop stay.

16. At the end of the membership year, swop tokens in your account will be retained and carried forward to the next year.

17. Additional extras that may be charged for:
  • Breakfast, other meals, game drives and spa treatments are not included and may be charged for.
  • Holiday Homes not having full time staff on site may charge a cleaning fee. You preferably need to add this to your listing.
18. Cancellation or termination of membership
  • No refunds will apply upon termination of membership.
  • In the event of the establishment being sold, an ownership change, or establishment closing down, the administrators should be notified. A member may retain his/her unused swop tokens, providing membership fees are up to date.
  • The administrators retain the sole discretion to terminate any membership due to abuse of or non-compliance with any terms and conditions herein set out without any refund.
  • Should a member fail to renew his/her membership by paying the annual membership fee within 30 days from invoice date, he/she will lose all remaining swop tokens and there will be no refund of registration or subscription fees.
19. Intellectual property

The SWOP AND STAY website and all original content is the sole property of SWOP AND STAY and may not be duplicated or used in any way without prior written consent from the administrators.

20. Privacy

All private information entrusted to SWOP AND STAY (such as e-mail addresses or other personally identifiable information) will not be shared with third parties and will never be publicly visible unless expressly agreed thereto.

IMPORTANT: Upon registration, member applicants acknowledge to have read and understand all the above clauses and agree to accept and comply with the Terms and Conditions as set out in this document.